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1 - The Forum of the Think Tanks of the Member Countries of the OIC was held in Istanbul on 28-30 January 2010 in a constructive and friendly atmosphere.

The Forum was organized by the Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM), with the encouragement and institutional support of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). “Civilization, Peace and Cooperation” was chosen as the main theme. Think tanks from 40 member countries of the OIC, delegates from the OIC observer countries such as Russia, Thailand and Turkish State of Northern Cyprus, General Secretariat of the OIC, representatives of the diplomatic missions of the OIC countries, experts, eight think tank organizations from Turkey and members of the media were among the participants of the Forum. Within the framework of the Forum, the New Vision of the OIC and Ten-Year Action Plan were thoroughly elaborated.

In that regard, “Peace and Civilization”, “The New Vision of the Organization of Islamic Conference”, “Security Problems, Common Security Policies and Perspectives in Islamic Countries”, “Post-September 11 Islamophobia and Islamic World - Western World Relations”, “Conflict Resolution and Peace Building Process in Islamic Countries”, “Democracy in the OIC countries”, “Good Governance, Human Rights and New Security Approaches” and “Cooperation and Institutionalization of the Think Tanks of the Member Countries of the OIC within the Perspective of Public Diplomacy” were the subjects under consideration. Furthermore, an exchange of ideas on fields of cooperation among Islamic countries was held.

2 - During the Forum, think tank organizations of the member countries of the OIC decided to co-work for the common interests of their own countries as well as for the whole Islamic world. It was also unanimously adopted that this decision be brought to the attention of the Secretariat of the OIC, to the first Senior Officials Meeting and the Council of Foreign Ministers of the OIC and to the next Summit of Heads of State and Government. It was underlined that the support to be given by respective public authorities to this process would be important.

3 - It became evident in the Forum that there is a need for a common action plan to realize efficient cooperation among the think tanks of the member countries of the OIC. Such an action plan would no doubt require, first of all, the establishment of an international platform and a communication network among the think tanks of the member countries of the OIC. In that context, it was decided that a “Platform of Think Tanks of the Member Countries of the OIC”, with the aim of coordination and cooperation, would be established. As such, think tanks of the member countries of the OIC will be able to combine all their information and experience under the same platform umbrella and make good use of both cooperation and communication opportunities. As far as the communication network, it was agreed that an internet platform will be established through the address of in the official languages of the OIC and in Turkish.

4 - Under the framework of the common platform and action plan, it was suggested to establish working groups on a number of subjects, including an “Eminent Persons Group” and a “Network Contact Group”. Those study groups are to be planned to convene at least once a year and devise necessary actions to be taken; to lead future events; and contribute to the coordination of the “Forum of the Think Thanks of the Member Countries of the OIC”, which is to be held annually.

5 - It was stressed that the process of the think tanks of the member countries of the OIC may assist the decision makers, the OIC and other international organizations. Time planning and the action plan are to be devised with regard to the mutual interaction and the vital importance of sustainable institutionalization.

6 - Against rising risks of international crimes and terrorism, and Islamophobia, it was suggested that collaboration would be required among the think tanks of the member countries of the OIC. Additionally, the importance of mutual collaboration, institutionalization and joint actions was confirmed.

7 - Hosting the subsequent annual meetings of the Forum would be open to all participating institutions and countries. The management of the Platform will be established in Istanbul.

30 January 2010, Istanbul


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The first meeting of Think Tanks Platform of the Islamic Countries Wise Persons Board which was suggested to be formed in 1st Think Tanks Forum of the Islamic Countries and confirmed to be formed in the second forum; was carried out on 1st March 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan. The second meeting took place in Cairo; the third meeting took place on 28th October 2013 in Bagdad; also the forth meeting took place in Bagdad on 20th February 2014. 5th ISTTP (Think Tanks Platform of the Islamic Countries) Wise Persons Meeting was held on 8th March 2015 in Islamabad within the 6th Think Tanks Forum of the Islamic Countries:

A. ISTTP Wise Persons Board and Mutual List of Other Participants

Süleyman ŞENSOY, Chairman of TASAM, Turkey
Ambassador (R) Ömür ORHUN, Advisor to OIC & TASAM, Turkey
Prof. Zaleha KAMARUDDIN, Rector of International Islam University of Malaysia
H.E. Ambassador Dr. Mostafa DOLATYAR, General Director of IPIS, Iran
Senator Mushahid Hussain SYED, IPRI ( Islamabad Policy Research Institute )
H.E. Ambassador Humayun KABIR, Director of BEI ( Bangladesh Enterprise Institute ), Bangladesh
Prof. Shamseldin Zeinal ABDIN, Khartoum University, Sudan
Elnur ASLANOV, Political Analysis and Information Provision Department of Administration of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Dr. Abdulaziz SAGER, President of GRC ( Gulf Research Center ), UAE
Major General (E.) Muniruzzaman, Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies (BIPSS)
Ambassador (R) Murat İLHAN, TASAM, Turkey
Ambassador (R) Prof. Ali Engin OBA, TASAM Turkey
Dr. Muharrem Hilmi ÖZEV, Secretary General of ISTTP (Think Tanks Platform of the Islamic Countries), Turkey
Dr. Hatem EL KADI, President of IDSC, Egypt

B. Agenda of ISTTP 5th Wise Persons Board Meeting

  1. Introduction
  2. Duties, functions and new members of Wise Persons Board (2015 Action Plan)
  3. Negotiations about institutionalization of Think Tanks Forum of the Islamic Countries
  4. Function and future of the Forum against the developments in the Islamic World and in the global level
  5. Suggestions about strategic contributions of the think tanks for the change and transformation in the Islamic Countries
  6. Ideas about the interaction between Think Tanks of the Islamic Countries and their peers in the West
  7. Other Issues

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