Ana Sayfa GOALS


Islamic States Think Tanks Platform (ISTTP) states its project objectives as:

  • To make contributions to global, regional and domestic political, sociocultural and economic developments by sharing knowledge and ideas within the perspective of “Civilization of Peace and Cooperation” developed together with the think tank representatives coming from Islamic Countries,
  • To improve and preserve the environment of dialogue which has emerged between institutions in the Islamic world by monitoring global and regional developments,
  • To present responsible decision-makers within the state administration with proposals for solving socioeconomic problems identified based on reliable information and different perspectives,
  • To establish an information and document center on Islamic Countries, provide resources concerning the current developments in these countries through document reviews,
  • To contribute to the publication and dissemination of results of scientific studies carried out by universities in the Islamic countries and reports, books and periodicals published by similar institutions,
  • To contribute to the cultural interaction between Turkey and Islamic countries,
  • To monitor the activities of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and share information on joining its activities on issues of concern,
  • To contribute to the creation of an environment of dialogue and cooperation within all these perspectives.




Latest Information on needs and projects of think tanks and laws and legislation to be complied with during international aid operations will be announced in this section. Any amendment to the laws and legislation communicated by the directors of this platform will be announced here periodically.